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Snowflake Announces Fifth Annual Data Drivers Awards Winners, Honoring Leaders Transforming The Future of Data, Apps, and Generative AI Across Industries

June 21, 2023
  • Data Drivers winners Braze, Cemex, Disney, ExxonMobil,and Instacart are awarded for pioneering new ways to mobilize the world’s data

Snowflake (NYSE: SNOW), the Data Cloud company, today announced the finalists and winners of the fifth annual Data Drivers Awards for North America, the premier Data Cloud awards that honor Snowflake customers leading their organizations and reimagining what’s possible with the Data Cloud across their industries.

Snowflake Announces Fifth Annual Data Drivers Awards Winners, Honoring Leaders Transforming The Future of Data, Apps, and Generative AI Across Industries (Graphic: Business Wire)

Snowflake Announces Fifth Annual Data Drivers Awards Winners, Honoring Leaders Transforming The Future of Data, Apps, and Generative AI Across Industries (Graphic: Business Wire)

This year’s Data Drivers Awards winners consist of data leaders from North American organizations includingBraze, Cemex, Disney, ExxonMobil, and Instacart. Snowflake’s annual Data Drivers Awards winners represent the top individuals and organizations using the Snowflake Data Cloud to innovate, grow, and delight their customers.

“Snowflake customers continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with the Data Cloud, leveraging Snowflake’s unified platform to transform their industries with game-changing innovations around generative AI, data science, application development, and more,” said Denise Persson, Chief Marketing Officer, Snowflake. “Every year our Data Drivers Awards recipients continue to amaze me, and this year is no exception as they pioneer new ways to build with Snowflake and drive impact across their organizations and the wider Data Cloud ecosystem.”

The 2023 Data Drivers Awards winners for North America are:

  • Braze wins the Powered By Snowflake award.This award recognizes how Braze is transforming the marketing industry, enabling customers to collaborate on granular event-level data through secure data sharing to drive actionable insights and customer-centric interactions through the Powered by Snowflake program.
  • Cemex , with its commitment to sustainable excellence, took the prize in the Data for Goodcategory. This award spotlights Cemex’s strategy for reducing its carbon footprint across operations by measuring and controlling CO2 emissions in all its plants by leveraging a data model powered by Snowflake.
  • Disney takes home the Data Driver of the Year award. This top award category honors an organization that epitomizes what it means to be data-driven and demonstrates how a well-implemented cloud data analytics strategy can accelerate new innovations and transform numerous facets of the business. Disney leverages Snowflake as its consolidated cross-organizational data platform, enabling it to capture privacy-safe, rich data within Snowflake’s secure and governed platform to drive insights for increased automation capabilities, data sharing at massive scale and performance, and more to create better customer experiences.
  • Andrew Curry, Central Data Officer Manager, ExxonMobil, earned the Data Executive of the Yearaward. Andrew is a Data Cloud pioneer and a strong advocate for how ExxonMobil leverages Snowflake, leading a global team of innovators that are helping drive horizontal and vertical solutions with Snowflake as its centralized data hub to fuel the world safely and responsibly, all the while providing better care for end users.
  • Nate Kupp, Director of Engineering, Data, Instacart, earned the Data Hero of the Year award. This award recognizes Nate’s work in driving Instacart’s partnership with Snowflake, leaning into Snowflake’s cost optimization and continued platform improvements for increased economics and cost savings. With Snowflake as a core part of Instacart’s modern data stack, Nate and his team are accelerating data-driven insights to help retailers gain an even clearer picture of what’s happening on their store shelves and provide better user experiences for customers.

A variety of Snowflake customers and partners will be presenting at Snowflake Summit 2023, live in Las Vegas, Nevada from June 26-29, 2023 to share how they power their businesses with data to innovate, drive value, and deliver enhanced end-user experiences.

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